Cyanobacteria – sometimes it’s better not to be so green

Published on 05/04/2016

Constantly in the headlines in 2006 and 2007, blue algae are no longer part of…

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Will Montreal become the Silicon Valley of high performance drone-tech?

Published on 11/02/2016

The importance of Montreal in aviation, aeronautics and aerospace is well recognized. The city is…

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January sales … Which small UAV?

Published on 28/12/2015

We often hear the question: DJI’s Phantom 3, or 3D Robotics’s Solo? Two very capable…

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Humanitarian aid: aerial imagery and the challenges of Big Data

Published on 09/12/2015

Aerial imagery – often produced by UAVs – is used increasingly often during rescue operations…

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Drone Deploy splash image

A Mosaic Of A Million Acres Using A UAV

Published on 27/11/2015

For the past several months, San Francisco’s DroneDeploy has been developing web-based software used to…

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Trio de Birdeseye view FFLY6 en foret

AVA: Advanced VTOL Autonomy – Or: The Barn Of Doctor Moreau

Published on 17/11/2015

In a barn lost in the countryside of New Hampshire – land of farms, freedom…

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Drought In California – Fields Are Shrinking

Published on 04/11/2015

Drought In California – Fields Are Shrinking California’s farmlands are on a radical slimming diet….

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